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Electronic waste (e-waste) or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) are used to describe discarded electrical or electronic devices. This definition includes used electronics such as computers, their peripherals, office electronic equipment, electronic entertainment device, Tablet PC, mobile phones, television sets and refrigerators.

ewaste As technology progresses and human dependence on electronic devices increases so does the quantity of e-waste which is being generated. While these devices make our lives more comfortable we have the responsibility to ensure the safe and efficient disposal of these electronic devices at the end of their life and so that they don’t adversely affect our environment. Most of the above mentioned electronic devices and components contain various types of materials which can be recycled and recovered for future use. By doing this we are preventing the further extraction and usage of our already limited natural resources. Also recycling reduces the amount of green house gases which is generated during a new products manufacturing.

The AOC Brand along with its parent company TPV Technology Ltd is fully committed to the cause of the environment and on being as green as possible. In India as well we have agreements with respected vendors in the field of electronic waste disposal. It is also the responsibility of every customer to ensure that their product is disposed of safely and in the proper method.

As per Rules, 2016" CHAPTER V, rule 16, sub-rule (1) - if you see the below symbol on your electronic product such as a TFT LCD Monitor, Tablet PC and Smart Phone or TV it means that the product is to be considered as E-Waste and cannot be disposed of along with day to day household waste in ordinary garbage bins.

Such products have to be disposed of with a designated and authorized collection center. To get further information on how to do this please contact us. Our Executives will guide you on the proper process for disposal of your used AOC LCD Monitor and TV.

E-Waste Compliance for all AOC Product Categories

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