AOC launches AGON X series of professional gaming monitors in India, prices start from ₹29,000

AOC has thrown its gauntlet in the gaming monitor scene big time with the AGON X series of monitors. The premium gaming monitors go beyond the usual checklist of features such as quick response times and high refresh rates, and offers some worthwhile optimisations tailored for gamers. The AOC AGON X monitors launched in India include two screen sizes – 24-inch and 27-inch, both of which sport QUAD HD resolution of 2560×1440 pixels.

As expected, the gaming monitors are TN panel, which means they won’t show the colour fidelity of LG’s IPS panels, but it allows for really fast response times. This also allows for flicker free technology that involves backlight tweaking to reduce flicker and ensuing eyestrain. The monitors also feature a dedicated blue light mode to further reduce eyestrain for longer gaming sessions and lower fatigue levels; two of the factors that are crucial for professional gamers who have to clock in a lot of practice hours to stay competitive. The overall monitor ergonomics are addressed with a flexible stand that allows the monitors to be adjusted for tilt, height, and swivel for maximum comfort.

What sets the AOC AGON X series apart from other gaming monitors are a host of features tailored for pro gamers. These include the AOC Shadow Control, which allows users to adjust contrast in extreme bright or dark areas for the sake of visibility, which in turn helps easy identification of targets and further enhances crucial reaction times. The QuickSwitch controller is another such addition which allows gamers to switch monitor options and settings using a dedicated outboard unit built for the purpose. This comes in handy during tournaments where there’s no time to fiddle with unwieldy monitor controls. Both monitors come with matte screens to minimise glare. The 24-inch model is priced at Rs 29,000, whereas the pricing for the 27-inch one hasn’t been announced yet.

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